Looking at What You Don’t Want to See

We all have pictures ourselves that are hard to look at.  We don’t like what we see.  Here is my before and after pic from 2010.

Coach Lynne Marie 2010

Coach Lynne Marie 2010

Now here is the incredible part.  After losing 37 pounds, my life didn’t miraculously get better.  In many ways, I had only suppressed the symptom of what I really hated to see. There was still an inner fat girl feeling not quite good enough.

Working on the outside can be a great booster to working on the inside, but if we neglect that part, we end up back where we started.  I did.  In 2012 I went back to first picture. Sure I blamed my new boyfriend and all the snuggling with ice cream that replaced work outs. But I knew it was time for real change and got myself back on track.

When we focus on our overall balance, peace and health, we get more attractive on the outside but we also gain the confidence in who we are to make it last.  It becomes time to treat the inner fat person with a little dignity.  Look at the before picture and realize, that was just a person with bad habits, not a {insert your own derogatory word here}.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to look and feel great, and there is nothing wrong with not being at the place at every moment of your life.  It is important to recognize what you need to work on and move on in a positive light.  Start that bad picture in the face and accept it is part of you.  And look forward.

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