Why Should Nutrition Be So Complicated?

Or in the words of the Joker . . "Why so Serious?"  Really.  
As humans, eating should be an automatic function.  But
then we get to the point where we are unhappy with the
way we look and we try a strategy.
But sometimes it seems the more we learn, the harder it becomes.  Every well meaning post about
nutrition is just another "thing" we have to consider. I am guilty of these posts myself when I find
something useful.  But really, the Internet gives us TMI!!!!
So how do you navigate through it all?  If we go to one source with a "plan", another "expert" will
come along and says it's all wrong.  Or if we find a plan that makes us healthier, we may not be
able to stick to it, because let's face it, no one else around us seems to be following a plan.  They
go to parties, dinners and eat what they think they shouldn't.  Then there is the gym, where we all
try and make up for it.

Well there are two key things you should know:

1) No one set of rules applies to everyone
2) There shouldn't be "rules".   Yep I said it.  Don't get me wrong I have plenty of suggestions to
offer depending on a situation, but rules?  No.  That implies it can't become innate.  Which I don't

You have goals and you are capable of achieving them in a positive way without advice from every
post on Facebook . . . .  

Well meaning posts complicate the situation and oftentimes stress us out about what we are not
doing that we should be.  PLUS . . . they can be so conflicting with other sources.  Healthy advice
is a good thing, but it is also healthy to change your lifestyle at your own pace and not sweat the
small stuff.

After all, somewhere deep down, this comes naturally to you . . without even thinking.  

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