Didn't we all wish Robin Williams was talking to us when he gave his "it's not your fault" speech in
Good Will Hunting?  I sure did.

I don't know very many women who don't take their own weight rather personally.  The whole world
can see it. Instantly.  Not like our feelings, secret desires, bad habits.  Those can be hid and are
"none of anyone's business".  But our weight or shape or looks.  There it is.  Right there.  Front page.

Personal responsibility is a wonderful thing, but if I don't do my job right, the clerk at the grocery store
can't tell.   If I robbed my kids of "quality time" last night to surf the internet, it doesn't show up on my
face.  So it increases the pressure on us to have weight be so obvious
Why It Really Isn't Your Fault
So we take a positive, such as pleasure in food, as a
negative.  We deny ourselves that right.  And at the end
of the day, for many of us, the thoughts in our heads and
our own self image is not based on rationality.  

You are raised with certain habits and genes.  Each of us
has a specific nature/ nurture combination.  And even
when we do our best, if we view ourselves as
unsuccessful, the self judgements are harsh.  And often it
leads us to judge others who aren't doing so well.
Scientist, doctors, researchers, nutritionists, personal trainers and internet trolls are all out there
arguing what is the real reason for the obesity epidemic and while there is some agreement, it is
not universal.  But we think we all know.  Of course, it's me.  I have no will power.  I am just fat.


Step outside the forest and take a look around, the world has changed.  The food supply has
changed.  Everything has changed.  And it affects us in ways that most people haven't even heard
about, despite all the information on the internet.  

Information does not equal transformation.  You can't expect a bodily dysfunction to be cured by
surfing and reading a few tips here and there.  It is important that we all get heatlhy, for ourselves,
for our kids and for our futures. But stop taking it so personally.  Placing blame on yourself is not
helping you to grow.  And honestly, it really isn't your fault.
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